Hotel Parada Linares

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Embalse Ancoa

Beautiful place in the Mountain of Linares, located only 32 kms away. It is an ​​easy access place with many visitors who are attracted by its natural pools of crystalline water and wonderful flora and fauna. It’s time to visit … Read More

Achibueno River

It is known as “La Patagonia del Maule” due to its similarity to the south of Chile. “Cajón del Achibueno” offers its visitors an unforgettable experience, surrounded by multiple natural attractions such as endemic fauna and flora and rivers with … Read More

Maule Lagoon

It is a lagoon of volcanic origin located close to the border with Argentina, just 7 kms from “Paso Pehuenche” and two hours from Linares. This astonishing place has multiple tourist attractions such as “Cáscada invertida”, “Termas el Médano” “Campanario … Read More


Beautiful town located 20 kms from Linares city. Its name comes from Mapudungún which means “Cerro de Pumas”. It is internationally known for its hot springs and its hyperthermal water with healing characteristics. The famous ones are “Agua de La … Read More


Beautiful town located 1.5 kms from Panimávida which was recognized in 2015 by the World Crafts Council as the “Artisan City of the World” and in 2018 the Ministry of Economy and the Industrial Property Institute (INAPI) gave artisans in … Read More


Located just 18 kms from Linares you will find one of the best hot springs in Chile. Here you can enjoy hot waters, as well as mud baths. It is an ideal place to enjoy deep relaxation.

Yerbas Buenas

Located just 12 kms from our hotel. This place has a unique architectural and historical heritage in our country. It is a real example of the Chilean colonial rural town and conserves the atmosphere of the old times. We also … Read More


Beautiful coastal city known as “La Perla del Maule”, an area famous for its gastronomy and its rock formations on the coastal edge. The “Stone of the Church” is the symbol of the city, and “The rock of lovers” natural … Read More


Do you love the countryside and the sea? Here you have everything in one place Pelluhue is a quiet town located in the province of Cauquenes between the Pacific Ocean and the Costa Mountain Range. It is 132 kms away … Read More

Radal siete tazas Park

It is a protected natural area located two and a half hours from Linares. Here you will find a native forest with flora and fauna of the region. You can visit amazing places such as: “Salto El Velo de la … Read More